Best of 2015; Skincare Edit

I have not been posting much due to college craze and procrastination BUT  I still have been seeking new great products, too.

These products listed below are the products that I have used this year and I deem to be best in their own category, there are some new stuff in this line-up.

*Since most items have been emptied/tossed away, I decide to you PR pictures instead of taking all of them myself as I would not be able to have all for the post.



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To-Do List: (Re)Purchases, Skincare Edition

I have had major clear-out/declutter phase, in which I tried to use up all the products in my collection and/or gave some away to better hands.

Now I’m on my last leg of products and also about to stop going to my dermatologist as I am satisfied with all the treatments and told by the dermatologist that I can build my own regimen (in this case, reconstruct) and take care of my own skin by that regimen (she’s impressed with how much I know about things, since usually her patients have no idea how skin and skincare work).

So as I’m listing the things I know I love, I think it would be somewhat interesting to share the “recipe” here online.

Now let me get on this gig, darhling….

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“Chipping Nail Polish” Drama On Youtube. And I’m Defending Tati…

What is happening to the world?

I was browsing youtube for beauty videos, a thing have been doing since cave time.
Then I saw Glamlifeguru (who I’ve been watching for years) new video popped up in my subscription list.
She was doing a video sharing her experience with some of her higher end purchases.
And at one point of the video, Tati stated her opinion that people with chipped nail polish “seem like you don’t have it together”.
And people went BAD SHIT CRAZY on her, saying what she said was harsh and rude and shallow.
She did say “personally” and “overly chipped”.
And mind you, those people calling her out for being “rude and shallow” wrote comments in paragraphs (letter form, essay forms, news header, etc.)
And let’s be rational, real and honest here.
For saying you don’t have hours and hours to fix your nails, just remove it and get a better nail vanish!
(Yet, they wrote an ass long essay shaming her. You would have had 2 coats on both hands right now, to be honest.)
Isn’t removing the polish the quickest part of the manicure?
You have babies? Acetone takes it off real fast and washing your hands before feeding doesn’t take that long (why did you have your nails painted when you’re taking care of babies? Isn’t nail polish inedible and inconvenient?
You have 3 jobs? How did you have time to have your nails painted in the first place?
Let’s gather your thoughts and rethink your own contradiction…
People said she was mean and unkind, to “judge” other people with chipped nail polish (which could be removed in a few minutes).
Well, those people judged her because she was voicing what she’s thinking. And I personally think that the way she put it was really genuine and classy.
And the youtube dramas have been so shallow and stupid lately
That Gerard Cosmetics drama!
In which a youtuber (who I used to like and subbed to) and his friend (the brand founder) called a “smaller” youtube “ugly” as she was review the products from the brand, in which she (the “smaller” youtuber) wasn’t impress. The “big youtuber” said that the “small youtuber” were bullying his friend’s brand by putting negativity into the brand.
It’s a review video, goddamnit! Really queen?
Though, the “big” youtuber has (or had?) issue an apology publicly that he was sorry that he recorded and post his remark, but stranded for the content of the post (I’m paragraphing, it went like this: “I’m sorry for recording and posting it, but I’m not sorry for what I’ve said”).
Then it went to another famous youtuber who called the brand’s friend (aka “big” youtuber) a bully, and the “big” youtuber fired back, saying the famous youtuber is a liar. And then another famous youtuber (who has launched a very successful eyeshadow line), who is “friends” with the “big” youtuber that the “famous” youtuber’s action, as calling the wrongs that the “big” youtuber has done publicly is not good (yet, she, the “another famous” youtuber, was calling the “famous” youtuber out very publicly).
Tati’s case; I’m team Tati with this drama
“People calling Tati rude and shallow” = there’s a whole bunch of “kind and positive” people down the section. The irony.
Gerard Cosmetics; I side-eyed and said “really queen?” a lot with this drama
“The “big” youtuber” = MannyMUA.
“The “smaller” youtuber” = Karina Kaboom (I’m on her side this time).
“The “famous” youtuber” =  Carli Bybel (I don’t understand why Carli got called out when she called out wrong doings).
“The “another famous” youtuber” = MakeUpGeek aka Marlena (the irony in those comments. I used to sub her channel).
Saying fuck, shit, ass, etc. in every clause does not make you sound or seem rebellious or unapologetic.
I’m all about cursing and swearing but there are things as respect, boundaries, limits and professionalism.
My Lord.
Internet is really eye-opening and evolutionary.
Well, I hope it can evolve this planet by sweeping idiocy and stupidity down the wormhole.
Damn, girl!
See what I did three inches above?
*rolls eyes so hard it sticks*

Productive Absence? Maybe?

Dear my blog, and whoever that’s unlucky and sinful enough to happen to be reading this.

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been MIA since I dropped the review of the Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette (click to open in new tab).

I haven’t got any job (as I just freshly turned 18 a few weeks ago), I haven’t had any more line written on my first book of trilogy, I didn’t finish Odyssey or the Iliad.

Ironically and shamefully, I did finish Fifty Shades of Grey. The book was wack. I prefer Twilight over it and I will not read the other two books. I might watch the movie, though. Jamie Dornan looks good. Like GHUOOOOODDUH!

But why would I call these past weeks “productive”?

Maybe because I started to work out again ( I ranted about the weight gain a while back)?

And I also got back to dancing as well!

I have always loved to dance. It was, and still is, the only way for me to move my body in an exercise manner without developing itchy rashes or hives or panting like a furry dog in summertime. I would pant but it’d be more like an old lady panting rather than the dog’s wet panting…

Dancing was a big part of anyway and everyday in my life, up until a year or two ago, when I had to decide whether I’d be studying for university (it paid off, I passed into the interview phase in 2 universities and managed to get through to a university, eventually) or continuing dancing but majoring in a dance or performance major because I was a really shy boy (yes, I’m a psychological woman that loves makeup), though friends would say that I’m extroverted and socialising (those shady apes…).

I chose to drop dancing.

Not only for the University, of course. But at that moment, I began to notice that I had been dealing with chronic neck and back pain (I found out later that my spine’s got curves at around the ends).

I was so scared that one day I’d snap my neck whilst doing the death drop (I can’t do it anymore unfortunately).

And as for dropping dancing, I dropped all the exercise in total.

Don’t do that, people. Keep exercise no matter how busy you get. It doesn’t have to be like an olympic preparation. 30-45 minutes a day is not that bad.

However, since I’ve been back to dancing and yoga, also started to do strength/weight training, changes have become noticeable.

I have had “wings” (arm fat) for about year now and, as for someone who has never had baggy arms, they were very big and saggy. The wings have gotten smaller and much less jiggly. The saggy chest is almost gone and my calves look great.

I have regained some of the flexibility as well and hopefully I’d be able to as flexible or even more flexible when I was 14.

Sweet 14, why didn’t you last longer? 20-something inch waist and all that flexibility…

Damn I hate multiple puberties.

I have now dropped 9 kilograms (~20 pounds) and about 2 and a half inches of waist (from 38 to 35.5).

Now I weigh 89 kilograms (~196 Ibs) and I’m planning to go to the 85 kg mark in a month time.

Some interesting choreography (courtesy of Miss Alyssa Edwards and the Haus of Edwards):

Or maybe this playlist? Sistar dance moves are always amazing for the lower part of the body:

Legs for years. Mug for life.




Review: Collection “Eyes Uncovered” Nude Palette

I have mentioned on this blog before that I had ordered a super hyped up eyeshadow palette on this blog post and a zoeva brush (which will be another story) as little small birthday gifts for myself (yaw, I’m 18 now! Finally!) on a site and I set the delivery date for May 13 and somehow it arrived last Friday (this post was written on May 9, I’m not complaining, it’s amazing!).20150508_173718

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Launch Alert: MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation [Updated Thoughts, September]

Something jinxed me to click on MAC’s website and BAM!

(Nothing jinxed me, I was looking the Wash&Dry collection, it wasn’t there…)



(Was the mineralize moisture one the most recent launch? Because mama wasn’t liking it!)

This foundation is claimed to be a double-duty product, a foundation and concealer all in one, as it provides seamless medium coverage that is also build able*.  *cough* Clinique *cough* 

The foundation is supposed to dilever all-day moisture and longevity as it’s claimed to be waterproof and hyper resistant*.

It’s THAT sentence that got me sold.

Waterproof? No transfer? TAKE MY MONEY!

The product comes with 25ml* (.85 US fl oz), a little bit less than the norm, and retails at  MAC usual price range for 1,650 THB* (rough currency conversions: 50 USD, 32 GBP, 63 AUD).

The NC shades available on MAC TH online store are; NC15, NC20, NC25, NC30, NC35, NC42, NC45, and NC50.

The NW shades available on MAC TH online store are; NW15, NW20, NW25, NW30, NW35, NW40 ,NW 45, and NW50.Screenshot 2015-05-08 14.51.00

That’s 16 shades in total, very impressive as always with the MAC shade selection.

The last 3 NC shades are skeptical as they seem a bit “too” orange.

The 8 NW shades; the NW35 is a bit peachy-orangey (the colour of medium skin tone people with very good self-tanner, aka a fuss galore shade), the NW40, 45 and 50 seem a bit too red.

However, as I’m very much intrigued, I will definitely check on it in months time.

And maybe it’d make it into a blog post? Or become another favourite?

We shall see but obviously I’m very excited for this!

(Any phrase, clause, or sentence that has the symbol ‘*’ at the in end of it, indicates that the words were either taken or restated by myself, with my translation, from the MAC Cosmetics Thailand Online store website.)




UPDATED: (written on October 8, 2015)

Around the start of August, I went to a local MAC counter and tested this foundation on both my face and the back of a hand.

It was truly long lasting (still apparent after a shower and 6 hours of sleep), however, it caked up a bit and it oxidised on me.

The texture was quiet creamy (and I”d say slightly thick and weighty) but it didn’t blend well at all and set too quick for my preference.

I didn’t purchase it.

However, I am intrigued to try the newly released Studio Waterweight Foundation.

Lots of love,


Update: My Absence + 1 or 2 things to tick off my bucket list…

It’s been over 2 weeks since I posted a beauty content and over 1 week since I had anything up for this blog.

So I decided that it would be nice if I drop by and give an update on what’s been happing lately.

I was aiming for a week break from my Cost of Beauty series (EP01:Bobbi Brown click here) as ,initially, I had no idea how much energy it could consume me. That’s the reason why it’s been 2 weeks of no update on that series.

And I have been very busy with life; we got cousins (2 separate groups, each stayed for 2-3 days) over at our house for these past 2 weeks and I just got back from 3 hundred-something kilometers travel for the search of shelter for my University life.

Definitely, there will be an old house makeover/decoration project posted here in months time. There’s a lot of work to do for my survival….

Also, I decided to make a purchase, hopping on a bandwagon of Collection and Zoeva (it’s just an eyeshadow palette and a brush, I told you I’m broke…).

Screenshot 2015-05-05 13.51.45

Collection Cosmetics is already an inexpensive range, the palette here retails for 429 THB (roughly 13 USD/9 GBP/17 AUD), and now it’s on a 10% off online at 387 THB (~ 11USD/8GBP/15AUD, and I always round things up to the next full dollar/pound).

The Zoeva brushes, however, shock me a bit with the price of each brush. I thought it would be MAC pricing considering the expensive appearance and mega hyped-up status inside the beauty community on Youtube (apparently ones of my favourite youtubers/bloggers like them; Essiebutton, Ysislorenna, I think I’ve heard Fleurdeforce, Zoella, and Tanya Burr said on a few of their videos that they really like them).

I ordered a Zoeva 227 (to put on a test together with the Collection palette). The Zoeva eyebrushes retail at various prices ranging from 31x THB to 35x THB, the Concealer Buffer brush in particular retail at 40x THB, so ~10USD/7GBP/12AUD to ~11USD/7GBP/14AUD.

And I got a code for 120THB (~4USD/3GBP/5AUD) off!  Gloriousness!!! *dies*

The face brushes are slightly more expensive than the RTs ones, so that’s very interesting, but that’s for another time. Another time…

I set the delivery date on my birthday, so hopefully a review gets published very soon (probably no later than this week).

See you soon, blogging world! 😀



PS. All prices are  converted from Thai Baht to other currencies to express the idea of pricing.

Music: Mariah Carey – Infinity

I have been patiently waiting for the new single of my all-time favorite girl, Mariah Carey.

As you may or may not know that the songstress is now back to Sony Music (signed under Epic Records) where the multi-million album selling lady was born (not literally, of course) and is now coming out with a compilation of her chart topping tracks (called #1toInfinity), which are 18 in total (US alone) and another track called “Infinity”.

The track is a story that tells us about failed relationships, that tells us there is an end to lovebirds’ eternity, especially the ones with money involved (no tea, no shade).

The lyrics is like a series of furious gun shots to your ex, but like always, Miss Carey makes it sound relatively classy (close the door/ leave the key/ leave my heart on the mat for me/, everything you own/ boy you still owe, etc).

The vocality in the song is everything she’s known about packed and arranged in perfect places.

There are not a lot of lower notes, though (something that she is gifted with, that not so much of people know about).

However, she does give impressive belting note(s?, even?) of F5 (the last note in I Stay in Love, from E=MC^2) and also a “whistle note” of C#6 (which I would say that it sound more a falsetto that starts unconnected and then transitioned into a flawlessly connected falsetto, not even a head-voice note, but whatever).

And also, the majority of the song is sung in middle-chest tone, which gives stronger self-presence to the song, which is an mid-tempo track.

Overall, I am very pleased as my wait is not poorly wasted. Mariah Carey is still a very important name in the business, proven by this quality, newly released track. It’s not something that would sound like Hero or Without You(because this doesn’t sound that much alike to those two songs, those thick ballad tracks), but surely I believe it would still be able to impress you like Betcha Gon Know or For The Record.

And with the right plan of promotion, I think it would be able to climb the chart.

I give this 9/10

That’s a lot coming from me, and I’m trying my best to be unbiased here.

Ohhhh, and she is having shows at the Las Vegas Caesars Palace, as well.

Spending your money? Get your seat here!

Where to buy “Infinity”:

AUS iTunes: Mariah Carey – Infinity (AUS iTunes)

NZ iTunes: Mariah Carey – Infinity (NZ iTunes)

UK iTunes: Mariah Carey – Infinity (UK iTunes)

US iTunes: Mariah Carey – Infinity (USA iTunes)

SG iTunes: Mariah Carey – Infinity (SG iTunes)

Readers from other countries, please check on your local iTunes store, select your region here.

Please download legally and rightfully.


This post is subconciously biased.



PS. I’m on a break off the series Cost of Beauty, it takes a lot of batter charges and energy (by energy, I mean it hurt my back last time, haha).